Welcome to Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell

Botany Bay National Park is located on the two headlands that mark the entrance to Botany Bay in southern Sydney. The southern headland, at Kurnell, embraces the place of first contact in 1770 between indigenous Australians and the crew of Lieutenant James Cook’s Endeavour. The place where Cook first landed in Australia can be described as a ‘meeting place’ of cultures - referencing the past, the present and the future of this unique historic site.

Currently, works are being undertaken to conserve and revitalise the site and re-establish the park at Kurnell as one of the premier cultural tourism destinations in Sydney. This website has been developed to keep the community informed throughout the upgrading of the park, and to provide a platform for interaction and feedback from all people interested in the future, and the past, of this unique place.    LATEST PLANS

When the master plan is fully implemented we hope that visitors to the park will be

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